September 18th - 20th

Digital disruption and a change in consumer expectations are driving a profound transformation in beauty retail.

September 18th - 20th

Reshaping the Industry with AI, Beauty Tech, Biotech and Retail Innovations.

Digital disruption and a change in consumer expectations are driving a profound transformation in beauty retail. A new generation of retailers are delivering a winning combination of outstanding service and ground-breaking use of technology to deliver the memorable shopping experiences that consumers crave.

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The INNOCOS Summit facilitates discussion across the ecosystem including how to innovate, embrace digital and build an agile organisation, enabling you to thrive in this environment.

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Pascal Houdayer

CEO Orveon

Oliver Garfield

CEO, Cos Bar

Hana Ben Shabat

Founder, GenZ Planet
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If you're a health, beauty, or wellness brand, it's essential to get your products in the hands of the right people, especially senior-level conference attendees such as industry influencers, CEOs, SVPs, media, and retailers. These individuals have the power to elevate your brand and take it to new heights. By showcasing your products to these influential people, you can generate recognition, increase your brand exposure, and attract new customers. Whether you offer skincare, supplements, or other wellness products, getting your brand in front of the right people can make all the difference. So why wait? Contact us here ( to see if your brand qualifies and start reaping the benefits of recognition and media exposure today.


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Vice Presidents

Chief Experience Officers

VP Innovation and Product Development

VP Retail, Merchandising

Head of Marketing, Innovation

Head of Business Development



Get ready to be blown away by the INNOCOSexperience like no other. We're all about creating unforgettable moments thatgo beyond the ordinary. Our mission is to inspire you to live a moreadventurous, joyful, and fulfilling life, and that's exactly what our eventsare designed to do.But it's not just about attending anotherconference. At INNOCOS, we value the power of personal connections. We gobeyond surface-level interactions and prioritize building deep, meaningfulrelationships among our attendees. You'll leave our events not only with newbusiness connections but with lifelong friends who will support and uplift youalong your journey.With over a decade of expertise in the beautyindustry, INNOCOS has become a trusted source for all things productinnovation, marketing strategies, and retail advancements.


We're on the pulse of the latest trends in personalized cosmetics, e-commerce, marketing technology, AI, and augmented reality. We bring that extensive knowledge to our events, providing you with valuable insights and cutting-edge ideas to take your business to new heights.We're all about customized solutions that meet your unique needs. We're here to help you make powerful collaborations,connecting technology innovators, solution providers, and suppliers with brand sand retailers that can truly benefit from their expertise. Our goal is to help you scale your business and achieve remarkable success.Get ready to dive into the world of INNOCOS, where unforgettable experiences, genuine connections, and expert guidance await. It's time to shape the future of the beauty industry and live a life that's truly extraordinary.

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Agenda For Austin

Meet & Greet September 18

6:00 PM

Welcome Reception
Meet fellow attendees in a casual setting

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Conference Day 1, September 19

9:00 AM

Opening remarks and setting intentions for the day with guided meditation.

9:20 AM
Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer, President, Perfect Corp

Unlocking the Future of Personalized Beauty

Session outline will be confirmed shortly

9:40 AM
Pascal Houdayer,
(bareMinerals, Laura Mercier, BUXOM)

How Generative AI Can Transform Beauty Industry

In this session we will discuss the pivotal role of generative AI in reshaping the beauty landscape, revolutionizing product development, personalization, and consumer engagement. By harnessing the power of AI-driven algorithms and data analytics, companies are forging a new frontier, unleashing a wave of creativity, and redefining the boundaries of what beauty can achieve.

10:00 AM
Kate Nelson, CXO,

Redefining Retail Customer Experience: Strategies for Success in the Digital Age

The impact of technology on the retail experience and how to leverage it effectively to enhance customer engagement·     
Strategies for creating a seamless, omni channel shopping experience that meets the needs of today' sconsumers·     
The importance of personalization and how to leverage data to create tailored experiences for each customer·     
Building emotional connections with customers and creating a sense of community around your brand·     
Best practices for measuring and optimizing the success of your customer experience initiatives

10:30 AM

Morning Break And Collagen Tasting by TOSLA NUTRICOSMETICS

11:00 AM
Hana Ben Shabat, Founder,
Gen Z Planet

The New Global Workforce: Attracting, Retaining, And Motivating The Next Genearion - Gen Z

People often get confused about Gen Z at the workplace because they displaycertain attributes and behavior’s that on the surface seem to be contradictory.But we cant let complexity stand in the way of attracting, recruiting, andretaining the next generation of talent. Gen Z will account for 30% of theworkforce by 2030 and understanding who they are and what makes them tick isgoing to be critical for the success of any organizations. Based on extensiveresearch of Gen Z in the context of a 21st century workplace, this sessiontakes the audience through "the world of opposites", busts many ofthe myths already created about Gen Z, and outlines the strategies, tactics,and leadership styles that are required to build the next generation oftalent. This session will explore urgent topics including: what are thebest ways to attract and retain Gen Z, how can you manage change in theworkforce effectively, how should you foster a diverse and inclusiveculture, and what are the best ways to adapt your recruitment strategy to reflectthe people you want to bring on board?

11:20 AM
Kate Fannin,
Executive Director, Global ConsumerTechnology,

Estee Lauder

More Than Just Data: Unlocking Real-Time Consumer Insights

Discussing the value of real-time consumer insights, which go beyond mere data. By combining advanced analytics, artificial intelligence,and human intuition, to better understand consumer behaviour and preferences to create effective marketing strategies, enhance customer experiences, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape. 

11:40 AM

Generational Trends in Consumer Behaviour

Session outline will be confirmed shortly

12:00 PM

Facilitator: Kelly Kovack, Founder
Oliver Garfield, CEO, 
Cos Bar· 

Redefining Retail Customer Experience Strategies for Success in the Digital Age

Creating a seamless customer experience across all channels, from in-store to online·     
Driving product innovation and staying ahead of the competition·     
Building a strong brand identity and connecting with customers on an emotional level·     
The importance of data-driven insights in shaping retail strategy·     Best practices for measuring the success of retail initiatives and optimizing performance

12:30 PM


1:30 PM


After lunch we invite you to (re)connect to your inner rhythm and to strengthen your nervous system, so your body, mind and soul are ready and happy to bloom into summer. In this session we share some magnificent tools of gentle Yoga, combined with the harmonic sounds and vibration of high-quality therapeutic singing bowls. To keep up with the challenge of everyday life, it is important to have a strong nervous system. The relaxing vibration of the Peter Hess® Singing Bowls will help you to center yourself. It will feel wonderful to re-connect and to come home to your inner space and inner peace and to thus build a strong foundation.Suitable also for yoga beginners.

2:00 PM
Emma Powell, Founder, Rebel360
David Silbergleit, CEO, PIMS
Adriana Cruz, Khaos Collective
Charlotte Courtney, Develop Digital
Grace Fodor, Studio10 

Power Hour: Business Hacking for Unrivalled Success
Introducing our new Power Hour: an unparalleled opportunity to access real live business hacking and expert sessions tailored to suit your professional needs. Our diverse industry specialists, each a master in their respective fields,will share their wealth of experience and knowledge, providing practical advice. Engage in interactive discussions, pose your most pressing questions, and discover valuable insights to elevate your strategies.
🎯 Customer, Retention & Email Marketing Valuable insights on driving repeat purchases, fostering customer loyalty, and maximising LifeTime Value, while revealing the untapped potential in lost revenue.
EmmaPowell, Founder, Rebel360
🎯 Retailing on Amazon

Discover strategies to optimize your Amazon listings, navigate themarketplace's complex algorithms, and effectively scale your online retailbusiness.
Inv. Adriana Cruz, Khaos Collective 
🎯 Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing Unlock the power of data-driven advertising through performance marketing, maximising ROI, and effectively targeting your desired audience.
🎯 DTC / Online

Selling Master the ins and outs ofdirect-to-consumer sales, fine-tuning your e-commerce strategies, and improving customer engagement across digital platforms.
Grace Fodor, Studio10
🎯 Brand Development
Unearth the secrets of successful brand development, learn to craft a compelling brand narrative, and create a distinct, memorable identity in a competitive marketplace.
Capital Funding
Navigate the complex landscape of fundraising and capital acquisition,understanding the nuances of various funding sources and strategies to successfully fuel your business growth.


Afternoon Coffee Break


Sponsored Keynote

Speaker will be confirmed shortly

Anusha Babbar, Global VP of Digital Business Model and International for Health & Wellbeing,

Bringing a New Dawn of Innovation.
Insights from Startups and Scaleups on the Future of Commerce.

This panel will discuss how startups and scaleups are disrupting traditional business models and driving innovation across the commerce landscape·      Future trends to watch out for in the commerce space, and how startups and scaleups are poised to capitalize on them.
Strategies for success, and how startups and scaleups can leverage their agility and innovation to outmaneuver established players·     
Insights on what investors are looking for in the next wave of startups and scaleups, and how to position your company for success.

4:20 PM

The global economic outlook in beauty retail

This session will provide a snapshot of today’s global economy, whilst incorporating future projections – including growth opportunities – for retailers across the world. We will explore the state of the beauty retail, measures that can be put in place to make it more resilient, possible scenarios for growth and recovery and potential lasting structural impact.

5:00 PM


9:30 PM


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Conference Day 2, September 20

9:00 AM

Opening remarks and setting intentions for the day with breathwork session.

9:10 AM



9:30 AM



9:50 AM

CMO Priorities, Trends, andWinning Strategies: Insights from Industry Leaders

Key priorities fo rtoday's CMOs, from customer experience to brand purpose·     
Trends in digital marketing, including AI, personalization, and social media·     
Strategies for driving growth and staying ahead of the competition·     
The importance ofdata-driven insights in shaping marketing strategy

10:20 AM

Pushing Boundaries in Beauty:The Convergence of Biotech, Nutraceuticals and Regenerative Cosmetics

Exploring the intersection of life sciences, nutraceuticals, and regenerative cosmetics, where advances in biotech are revolutionising the beauty industry.  By using new technologies, natural ingredients, and creative methods like 3D printing, we're creating better, customised beauty solutions for everyone.

10:30 AM

Morning Coffee Break

11:00 AM
ose Alvarez, Founder,

Beuauty and Mental Health: Exploring the Intersection ofSelf-Care and Wellness in the Beauty Industr

how the fragrance market is evolving to incorporate innovation, sustainability, and wellness into fragrance products, - we will explore the latest trends and technologies in the fragrance market, such as clean and natural fragrances, biotech, and sustainable packaging, and how these innovations are reshaping the industry,- we will discuss the growing emphasis on mental wellness and self-care in beauty products, and how the fragrance industry can adapt to meet these emerging consumer needs. - this discussion will provide insights and recommendations for industry players to prepare for and capitalize on the future of the fragrance market.

11:30 AM
Akshay Talati, VP R&D, GOOP
Melissa Souto Coppola, VP Head of ProductDevelopment, Curology,

How science is fueling the future of skincare

Explore the currentlandscape of skincare, including trends, consumer preferences, challenges, andopportunities,
emerging technologies and trends such as AI, AR,biotech, microbiome, and CBD, their benefits and limitations, and consumer adoption and perception,   
predictions and scenarios for the future of skincare,their implications and opportunities for industry players, and recommendations for collaboration, transparency, innovation, and sustainability.

12:00 PM

End of the summit

5:00 PM

Night Out In Austin

5 Senses of Austin program will be offered to all who stay extra night. Cost at your own expense

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