Biohackers' Choice Beauty Awards

Biohacker Choice Awards

Welcome to the Biohackers' Choice Beauty Awards, celebrating the intersection of beauty, wellness, and technology. We are excited to recognize the products and apps that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and effectiveness in the beauty industry.

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What is Biohackers Choice Awards?

Biohackers' Choice Beauty Awards is an annual awards program that celebrates the intersection of beauty, wellness, and technology. Our mission is to recognize the products and apps that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and effectiveness in the beauty and wellness industry. Our esteemed panel of judges evaluates each submission based on criteria such as effectiveness, innovation, sustainability, safety, user experience, and overall impact on health and wellbeing. We aim to showcase the best of what the beauty and wellness industry has to offer, and to inspire a new wave of innovation and progress in this exciting field.



Best Skin Diagnostic Technology

Best Skin Care Product

Best Hair Diagnostic Technology

Best Hair Care Product

Best Oral Care Product

Best Intimate Care Product

Best Home Device

Best Nutritional Diagnostic Technology

Best Nutricosmetic Product

Best Nutritional Supplement

Best Nutricosmetic Formulation

Best Health Assessment App

Best Mind-Body Wellness Product

Best Biohacking Community



Does the product deliver on its promises?


Does the product or app bring something new and exciting to the market?

User Experience

Is the product or app easy and enjoyable to use?

Overall Impact

Does the product or app have a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing?

Chief Judge

Iryna Kremin
Founder of INNOCOS


Grow Your business

Winners of the awards can expect to receive significant exposure through various channels, including social media and press coverage. Social media is a powerful tool for promoting content and can help winners to reach a wider audience. Additionally, press coverage from reputable media outlets can provide valuable exposure and credibility to the award winners. With this exposure, winners will have the opportunity to showcase their achievements and gain recognition within their industry or community.

Why apply?

Winning this award provides an incredible opportunity for exposure to a wide range of industry influencers, press, investors, and the public. The award highlights the winning brand's innovative and cutting-edge approach to beauty, health, and wellness, which can lead to increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, and sales. The award also serves as a validation of the brand's quality and efficacy, which can further enhance its reputation and credibility. By applying for this award, beauty, health, and wellness brands can gain invaluable exposure and recognition, helping them stand out in a crowded market and ultimately driving business success.


What are the key deadlines and fees for 2023 Biohackers’ Choice Beauty Awards?

Early Bird Registration, May 30, 2023 (€295)
Regular Registration: July 10, 2023 (€345)
Last Call: August 10, 2023 (€445)
The entry fee is per category, which will be used to cover the administrative and PR expenses.
INNOCOS 2023 attendees (Berlin or Austin) will receive an email with a link to nominate FREE of charge. Register to attend next INNOCOS here:
Refund Policy: All sales are final and nonrefundable once an application is submitted.

How Do I Apply?

To submit an application, click the APPLY NOW button here: It is important that you submit and pay for your application by the applicable deadlines to benefit from the various pricing tiers built into the Awards program. No applications will be accepted after the final deadline of August 10, 2023. No exceptions can be made. Entries may be submitted by agencies on behalf of clients.

What Type of Payment Is Accepted?

Payments can be made by credit card only. All major credit cards are accepted. Please visit the application page for details.

Eligibility Requirements

Entries will be accepted from anyone in the health, beauty and wellness industry. Businesses from around the world—including the largest multinational conglomerates and small-but-mighty companies—are encouraged to apply.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced to the public at the INNOCOS summit in Austin, Sept 20-22. Winners will be confidentially notified in the late summer to allow ample time to plan travel to Austin to accept their award in person. Winners need not be present to accept their award, however, attendance is encouraged. Each winner will receive one complimentary ticket to the INNOCOS Summit (or a credit note for next event, if you have already booked and paid ticket for Austin). All other expenses related to traveling to Austin for the INNOCOS Summit will be the responsibility of the winner.

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