Biohackers Choice Beauty Awards Announces Inaugural-Year Winners


Biohackers Choice Beauty Awards Announces Inaugural-Year Winners

The Biohackers Choice Beauty and Wellness Awards are thrilled to unveil the first-ever winners across various categories,acknowledging exceptional contributions to beauty and wellness through groundbreaking and impactful products. The recipients of the inaugural-year awards are as follows:

Biohackers Choice Beauty and Wellness Brand of the Year Timeline Nutrition.

🏆 Timeline Nutrition has emerged as the frontrunner in the field of beauty and wellness, captivating the hearts of biohackers and enthusiasts alike. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and holistic well-being has set them apart in an excellence-driven industry.


Skincare Products, Nutritional Supplements and Community - Time Nutrition.

Timeline Nutrition, an avant-garde cellular nutrition brand developed by the Swiss life science company Amazentis, has dominated several categories: Skincare Products, Nutritional Supplements, and the Community Category. Pioneering adecade-long exploration into mitochondrial health and its proprietary active ingredient, Urolithin A, Timeline Nutritions introduces Mitopure®, the first clinically tested, highly pure form of Urolithin A. This ingredient has demonstrated enhanced mitochondrial function and increased energy level, muscle strength and endurance and skin health with Mitopure® in skincare and supplements serving as the first postbiotic nutrient proven to trigger mitophagy. This targets age-related cellular decline, earning accolades from users and fostering a dedicated community.

Skincare Diagnostic Technology and Haircare Diagnostic Technology - Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp follows suit, securing two awards for Skincare Diagnostic Technology and Haircare Diagnostic Technology. Renowned for its innovative approach to beauty tech, Perfect Corp consistently showcases excellence in advancing diagnostic technologies for skincare and haircare.

Skincare Delivery System -Ayuna's Kryptosome Technology.

The winner in the Skincare Delivery System category is Ayuna’s Kryptosome Technology, a significant advancement in skincare delivery, particularly in enhancing the penetration of active ingredients into the delicate eye contour area. This revolutionary delivery system features a novel multilamellar vesicular system that redefineshow active ingredients are transported to the skin.

Skincare Solutions - NanoSpun Technologies.

The champion of the Skincare Solutions category is NanoSpun Technologies. Their groundbreaking product, NanoSpun UltraBio, introduces the world's first living probiotic skincare tissues through patented bio-printing and advanced materials technology. NanoSpun's platform technology allows customisation for specific skin concerns, with upcoming releases targeting acne, eczema, ageing, and UV damage.

Nutricosmetics Formulation - Tosla Nutricosmetics.

Tosla Nutricosmetics claims the title in the Nutricosmetics Formulation category, offering an affordable collagen supplement with proven efficacy, delightful taste, and aroma.Distinguished by certifications, quality ingredients, and VELIOUS MaskingTechnology, Tosla Nutricosmetics enhances sensory experiences by allowing concentrated formulations without compromising taste and smell, elevating beauty from within.

Women’s Health - The Better Menopause.

The UK-based brand The Better Menopause secures victory in the Women’s Health category. The innovative probiotic formula targets perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms and is scientifically validated with six recognised bacterial strains as a distinctive solution for menopausal women.

Haircare Product - Innersense Organic Beauty.

Innersense Organic Beauty is the Haircare Product Category Winner with The Detox Hair Mask. This innovative formulation effectively removes buildup while preserving natural oils,exemplifying a unique approach to hair care. The brand's commitment to clean beauty, innovation, and inclusivity positions it for success.

Intimate Care - Vella Bioscience.

Vella Bioscience triumphs in the Intimate Care category with its Women's Pleasure Serum, endorsed by leading expert Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan. Clinically proven to enhance female arousal and orgasm, the serum addresses the crucial issue of the orgasm gap,contributing to a vital conversation on female sexual health.

🎉 Join us in congratulating all the winners on this remarkable achievement! 🎉

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, judges and nominees who have contributed to the success of the Biohackers Choice Beauty and Wellness Awards. Your passion for advancing the field of beauty and wellness is truly inspiring.

Let's celebrate excellence and innovation in the world of biohacking and beauty together! 🌿✨ 

Winners and participants are invited to participate in the next beauty innovation summit, INNOCOS Napa Valley, Greece and Singapore.

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The Biohackers Choice Beauty and Wellness Awards, organised by INNOCOS events, celebrate excellence in the biohacking community by recognizing outstanding contributions to beauty and wellness through innovative and impactful products. These awards aim to honor those who push the boundaries of beauty and wellness with cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough formulations. You can meet some of the winners and other innovative brands at the next beauty innovation summits in Napa Valley, Greece or Singapore

Biohackers Choice Beauty Awards Announces Inaugural-Year Winners