7th - 9th June

Be part of the conversation and join us in Berlin to discuss new growth and innovation opportunities.


7th - 9th June

Beauty reimagined

The beauty, health, and wellness industries are evolving unprecedentedly, and the future is AI. Be part of the conversation and join us in Berlin to discuss new growth and innovation opportunities.

Gain valuable insight

Join a diverse group of beauty retailers, innovators, tech leaders, disruptors, and inspirational speakers.

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Angela Cretu


Suze College

Head of Category Makeup and New Brands

Irina Barbalova

Global Lead, Euromonitor International
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The venue - Telegraphenamt

A meeting place for locals and globals. Every visit is different. Every staff member unique. Every guest special. Every story individual and every place with its own core – its own soul. Its own character. Diversity – united in one place.

We will discuss

Future of Biohacking: Exciting Trends to Watch

Healthspan Revolution: How Active Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Are Redefining Longevity

Transforming Women’s Health: Empowering Women Through the Life Journey

Revolutionising Beauty: Exploring Innovative R&D Strategies and Future Trends for Prestige Products

The Evolution of Beauty Consumers' Online Behaviour: Insights from Google

Chat GPT and AI-Powered Beauty Retail

Reinventing Brick-and-Mortar for a Multi-Sensory Future

The Metaverse Effect: Unlocking Strategies to Elevate Marketing and Acquire New Customers

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Building Strong Identity That Captures Your Audience

Unpacking the Digital Beauty Consumer

Uncovering the Real Marketing Drivers and Trends in Customer Acquisition

10 companies will present at the Beauty Technology Startup Pitch

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Agenda For Berlin

Meet & Greet June 7th


Welcome Reception
Meet fellow attendees in a casual setting

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Conference Day 1, June 8th


Opening remarks and setting intentions for the day with guided meditation.

Arnita Wofford,
Global marketing and content director,
Tony Jaillot,
Global VP, Beauty and Personal Care,
Univar Solutions

Beauty in the Blink of an Eye: Taming the Lightning Bolt of Industry Change

This session tackles this challenge, focusing on innovation and biotechnology's role in the value chain and unveiling the new Univar Solutions Beauty Accelerator to boost innovation in this fast-paced sector.

Jason Harcup, Global VP Prestige R&D,

Unmasking the Future: How Crisis Innovation is Changing Beauty Research and Development.

As innovators harness scientific and technological capabilities that accelerated in response to the pandemic, we look at some of the new scientific and technological capabilities now emerging from Life sciences to formulation to computation, and their implications for next generation Beauty innovation.

David Silbergleit, CEO,
Facilitator: Grace Fodor, Founder

The Great Customer Hunt: Innovative Approaches and Emerging Trends in Marketing for Effective Customer Acquisition

As the world of marketing constantly evolves, brands are seeking novel and innovative methods to fuel new customer growth and guide the acquisition journey from initial interest to the parcel's arrival. This session delves into various trends being utilised to captivate and engage new customers. Learn how brands are exploiting these state-of-the-art strategies to stay on the front line, drawing in fresh customers from start to finish.


Morning Break And Collagen Tasting by TOSLA NUTRICOSMETICS

Nadeem Crowe,
Perfumer and proprietor,
Rook Perfumes

The Metaverse Effect: Unlocking Strategies to Elevate Marketing and Acquire New Customers

Discover how to unlock the power of the Metaverse to acquire new customers and elevate marketing efforts. This talk will showcase gamification techniques and immersive experiences to generate brand loyalty and entice new customers. Learn how to align Metaverse strategies to marketing funnel goals and motivate existing customers to become & "super-engagers"; who promote your brand to others.

Michal Mašika, Head of Sales & Analytics,
Sameh Megrhi, CTO,
Facilitated by Kelly Kovack, Founder, BeautyMatter

AI-Powered Beauty Retail:
Transforming Customer Experience and Value

Discover the impact of artificial intelligence on customer experience in elevating customer experience within the beauty retail landscape. In-depth exploration of AI-powered skin analysis for customized product recommendations, predictive analytics for personalized promotions, intelligent chatbots for efficient customer support, and smart search features for seamless shopping experiences.

Gael Peigné, Managing Director, Shalion

Beauty Goes Digital: The Impact of eRetail Media on Brand Visibility and Performance

eRetail Media, merging digital advertising with e-commerce, enables targeted ad placements and superior customer experiences, thereby boosting sales. Learn how to measure and benchmark their impact and performance against the rest of the category.


Suze College, Head of Category Makeup & New Brands, SpaceNK
Facilitator: Kelly Kovack, Founder

The Retail Renaissance:Reinventing Brick-and-Mortar for a Multi-Sensory Future

Insights into how brick-and-mortar retail can excel in a digital world. By leveraging data to create personalized experiences and value-adding services, businesses can remain relevant and drive revenue both online and offline.The Role of physical stores in a digital age and how to enhance in-store experiences, streamline operations, and unlock new levels of customer engagement.

Grace Fodor & Barbara Geussens

Celebrating Union of Studio10 and Nomige –champagne toast.



After lunch we invite you to (re)connect to your inner rhythm and to strengthen your nervous system, so your body, mind and soul are ready and happy to bloom into summer. In this session we share some magnificent tools of gentle Yoga, combined with the harmonic sounds and vibration of high-quality therapeutic singing bowls. To keep up with the challenge of everyday life, it is important to have a strong nervous system. The relaxing vibration of the Peter Hess® Singing Bowls will help you to center yourself. It will feel wonderful to re-connect and to come home to your inner space and inner peace and to thus build a strong foundation.Suitable also for yoga beginners.

Emma Powell, Founder, Rebel360
David Silbergleit, CEO, PIMS
Adriana Cruz, Khaos Collective
Charlotte Courtney, Develop Digital
Grace Fodor, Studio10 

Power Hour: Business Hacking for Unrivalled Success
Introducing our new Power Hour: an unparalleled opportunity to access real live business hacking and expert sessions tailored to suit your professional needs. Our diverse industry specialists, each a master in their respective fields,will share their wealth of experience and knowledge, providing practical advice. Engage in interactive discussions, pose your most pressing questions, and discover valuable insights to elevate your strategies.
🎯 Customer, Retention & Email Marketing Valuable insights on driving repeatpurchases, fostering customer loyalty, and maximising LifeTime Value, whilerevealing the untapped potential in lost revenue.
EmmaPowell, Founder, Rebel360
🎯 Distribution / Warehousing
Dive into the intricate dynamics of distribution and warehousing, learning to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs in the supply chain.
David Silbergleit, PIMS
🎯 Retailing on Amazon

Discover strategies to optimize your Amazon listings, navigate themarketplace's complex algorithms, and effectively scale your online retailbusiness.
Adriana Cruz, Khaos Collective 
🎯 Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing Unlock the powerof data-driven advertising through performance marketing, maximising ROI, andeffectively targeting your desired audience.
Charlotte Courtney, Develop Digital  
🎯 DTC / Online
Online Selling Master the ins and outs ofdirect-to-consumer sales, fine-tuning your e-commerce strategies, and improvingcustomer engagement across digital platforms.
Grace Fodor, Studio10
🎯 Brand Development
Unearth the secrets of successful brand development, learn to craft a compelling brand narrative, and create a distinct, memorable identity in a competitive marketplace.
Grace Fodor, Studio10
Capital Funding
Navigate the complex landscape of fundraising and capital acquisition,understanding the nuances of various funding sources and strategies to successfully fuel your business growth.


Afternoon Coffee Break

Dr. Sarah Bechstein, Founder,

Revolutionising Dermatological Standards Through Telemedicine

Join FORMEL Skin as they dive into the future of dermatology, focusing on telemedicine's transformative power and the role of personalized treatment. This talk will shed light on how they're harnessing tech to tackle common skin issues more effectively. Don't miss this chance to learn about the innovative strategies revolutionizingdermatological care.

Ayesha Mace,
Industry Manager FMCG, Google

Unpacking the Digital Beauty Consumer:Insights into Behaviour Online

Invaluable insights into the shifting online behavior of beauty consumers and how consumers are searching for, watching, and engaging with beauty content online. With the rise of social media, e-commerce, and influencer marketing, traditional beauty brands are being challenged to adapt to the new ways in which consumers interact with beauty products and information.

Chief Judge: Michael Schummert, CEO & Founder | Board Advisor | Angel Investor

Top 10 innovations in Beauty, Wellness and Health. SHARK TANK INSPIRED STARTUP PANEL
INNOCOS Biohacking & Beauty Start-Up Pitch Join INNOCOS as they host a competitive pitch event for beauty and biotech start-ups. Ten selected founders get three minutes each to present their industry solution. Judged on customer validation, execution, and business model, a winner from both Judges’ and Audience Choice will be announced.

Notably, Chief Judge is Michael Schummert, a seasoned angel investor. The event will spotlight innovations in beauty, wellness, and healthcare. Participate live or virtually, and get ready to see the future of beauty tech!

17:30 - 19:30




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Conference Day 2, June 9th


Opening remarks and setting intentions for the day with breathwork session.

Angela Cretu, CEO,

Empowering Women through Beauty: Leveraging Innovation to Drive Social Impact and Transform Lives

Learn about Avon's commitment to empowering women through various programs that promote women's education, health, and economic empowerment. Angela will showcase how Avon has leveraged innovation to drive social impact and transform the lives of women, highlighting real-world examples of their initiatives

Irina Barbalova, Global Lead Health and Beauty,
Euromonitor International

Transforming Women’s Health:Empowering Women Through the Life Journey

With advancements in women’s health accelerating commercial prospects are becoming a firm proposition for business. Embracing women’s wellness through dedicated solutions that cater for unique needs requires a holistic outlook which factors in an integrated physical, nutritional, emotional and lifestyle spectrum. Exploring untapped spaces, category adjacencies and digital and tech integration, alongside fostering inclusivity and accessibility are critical to maximising value for both consumers and business

Case Study
Katharina Trebitsch, Co-Founder & MDAnna Kössel, Co-Founder, Nevernot

Igniting Passion:Harnessing the Sexual Health & Wellness Boom

With the global sexual wellness market projected to reach an astonishing $37.19 billion by 2022 and attitudes towards sex and sexual health evolve, intimate care emerging as the next big opportunity.Share Nevernote Journey in transforming the intimate care industry,discover the beauty industry's role in breaking down barriers and dismantling taboos, and how to capitalise on this rapidly growing sector.

Barbara Guesens, Founder & CEO,
Nomige DNA skincare
Laure Bouguen, Founder & CEO,
HO Karan
Vivien Karl,
Dr Vivien Karl
Karen Ballou, CEO
Immunocologie® Skincare

Exploring Cutting-Edge Beauty and Wellness Innovations: Insights From Industry Trailblazers

- Evolution of Beauty and Wellness Innovations
- The Intersection of Science and Nature
- Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Experiences
- Exploration of emerging technologies and their potential impact on the industry
- Overcoming Challenges and Driving Innovation Forward


Morning Coffee Break

Eva Lagarde, Founder and CEO,

The Urgency of Sustainability in the Beauty Industry: Navigating Consumer Demands

As we enter 2023, sustainability is a pressing issue for the beauty industry. Consumers are no longer content with merely purchasing products - they want to be part of the sustainability conversation and demand that brands make a meaningful difference. Explore how beauty brands can meet this challenge while staying true to their brand and staying profitable.

Axel Keizer, CEO,
Cirsten Hannken, General Manager, Dermalogica
Facilitated by Sebastian Kraft, E-commerce & Digital Marketing Consultant

Proof not Promises:Embracing Evidence-Based Product Development

Explore how the industry is changing with breakthrough beauty products that are backed by data and research, where brands are expected to provide more than marketing claims and promises. Today, beauty brands are expected to provide proof of product efficacy, driving a shift towards evidence-based product development.

End of the day 2



Night Out In Berlin

Berlin's clubbing scene is known for its energy and excitement, so make the most of it. Stay one more night for the post-conference Night in Berlin, which will be organised by our group. Cost at your own expense.

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