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LONGEVITY AND BEYOND: Future-proofing Beauty, Health & Wellness with Data, AI, Trends, Innovations, Scaling, and Investment Opportunities

June 10th–12th, 2024

Beyond Beauty: Marketing and eCommerce Trends, Growth Strategies and the Pursuit of Longevity in Beauty and Wellness.

April 7th–12:30pm, April 9th, 2024

Beauty, Reimagined - Reshaping the Industry with Beauty Tech, Biotech, AI and Retail Innovations for an Enhanced Customer Experience

September 18th–20th, 2023

WHO WILL BE PRESENT? A diverse group of beauty brands, retailers, innovators, tech leaders, disruptors, and inspirational speakers, with expertise on the emerging trends in technology, consumer behavior, and e-commerce marketing strategies for retailers.

June 7th–9th, 2023