Prepare for a mind-bending adventure at the Beauty and Wellness Innovation Summit where greatness meets disruption!

June 10th - 12th, 2024

Longevity and Beyond: Future-proofing Beauty, Health & Wellness with Data, AI, Trends, Innovations, Scaling, and Investment Opportunities

The INNOCOS Summit 2024 is set to explore the intersection of beauty, health, and wellness, focusing on the pursuit of longevity. In a world where consumers increasingly seek holistic, science-backed, and accessible solutions for health and well-being, the beauty industry is expanding its horizons to address the growing demand for longevity-focused products and services. The conference aims to bring together experts from the beauty, health, technology, and well-being fields to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in this rapidly evolving industry.
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The INNOCOS Summit facilitates discussion across the ecosystem including how to innovate, embrace digital and build an agile organisation, enabling you to thrive in this environment.

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June 10th

Pre-Conference Optimized Workshop-retreat day

We will learn how to optimise our mind, body, and spirit. In this fully immersive and exclusive retreat location, we will learn how to maintain and care for our health through a perfect day, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep.

We will speak about nutrition, psycho-thinking, sleep, and more. You will also have access to the latest biohacking technologies, food, a beautiful retreat location, upgraded lunch and dinner, beautiful surroundings, fantastic company, lectures, a goodie bag of biohacking products from our sponsors and more. Limited capacity.

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Nick Howard

Global Strategy Director, EveLab Insight

Geoff Briggs

Technology Scout

Xavier Ormancey

Former Director of R&D Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetic
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The venue - Elissa Resort

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Aegean Sea, Ellisa Resorts beckons with its Mediterranean charm and timeless elegance. Here, amidst azure waters and sun-kissed shores, delegates can immerse themselves in both intellectual discourse and rejuvenating relaxation.
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If you're a health, beauty, or wellness brand, it's essential to get your products in the hands of the right people, especially senior-level conference attendees such as industry influencers, CEOs, SVPs, media, and retailers. These individuals have the power to elevate your brand and take it to new heights. By showcasing your products to these influential people, you can generate recognition, increase your brand exposure, and attract new customers. Whether you offer skincare, supplements, or other wellness products, getting your brand in front of the right people can make all the difference. So why wait? Contact us here (registration@innocosevents.com) to see if your brand qualifies and start reaping the benefits of recognition and media exposure today.


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Chief Executive Officers


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Chief Experience Officers

VP Innovation and Product Development

VP Retail, Merchandising

Head of Marketing, Innovation

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by the INNOCOS experience like no other. We're all about creating unforgettable moments that go beyond the ordinary. Our mission is to inspire you to live a more adventurous, joyful, and fulfilling life, and that's exactly what our events are designed to do.But it's not just about attending another conference. At INNOCOS, we value the power of personal connections. We gobeyond surface-level interactions and prioritize building deep, meaningful relationships among our attendees. You'll leave our events not only with new business connections but with lifelong friends who will support and uplift you along your journey.With over a decade of expertise in the beauty industry, INNOCOS has become a trusted source for all things product innovation, marketing strategies, and retail advancements.

We're on the pulse

of the latest trends in personalized cosmetics, e-commerce, marketing technology, AI, and augmented reality. We bring that extensive knowledge to our events, providing you with valuable insights and cutting-edge ideas to take your business to new heights.We're all about customized solutions that meet your unique needs. We're here to help you make powerful collaborations,connecting technology innovators, solution providers, and suppliers with brand sand retailers that can truly benefit from their expertise. Our goal is to help you scale your business and achieve remarkable success.Get ready to dive into the world of INNOCOS, where unforgettable experiences, genuine connections, and expert guidance await. It's time to shape the future of the beauty industry and live a life that's truly extraordinary.

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Agenda For Austin

Optimized Retreat Day, September 18

9:00 AM

GATHERING / doors open. Morning optimized water, bulletproof coffee

9:30 AM

Opening by Jennifer Marlowe

10:00 AM

LECTURE / Principles of an optimized day Owen Church, Performance Coach, Owen Church

10:30 AM

COLD PLUNGES / cold thermogenesis

11:30 AM

LECTURE Optimizing metabolism, energy, focus & stressDr. Jenelle Kim, Founder + Formulator, JBK Wellness Labs, and Author of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation

12:00 PM

MORNING WORKOUT / Myung Sung Moving Meditation + Sound Bath Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder + Formulator, JBK Wellness Labs, and Author of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living; Jen Koetting, Sound Healer, Sound Sanctuary

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Myung Sung Moving Meditation + Sound Healing for grounding energy & setting intention.Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder + Formulator, JBK Wellness Labs, and Author of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation; Jen Koetting, Sound Healer, Sound Sanctuary

2:00 PM

BREATHWORK with Jennifer Marlowe

2:45 PM

LECTURE Sleep & recovery optimization Jennifer Marlowe

3:15 PM

TEA and Cocoa Workshop

4:00 PM

LECTURE: Biohacking 101: Unlocking Your Full Potential through Data-Driven Self-Optimization - Iryna Kremin

4:30 PM

LECTURE Gratitude for becoming a new version of yourself GUIDED MEDITATION, affirmations & goals for the next day

6:00 PM


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Conference Day 1, September 19

8:00 AM

(Room 203-204)

9:00 AM

Opening remarks by Iryna Kremin, INNOCOS and Richard Kestenbaum, Partner, Triangle Capital

9:10 AM
Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer, President,
Perfect Corp

Unlocking the Future of Personalized Beauty
Dive into the future AI& AR innovation and learn about the impactful ways that digital technologies are addressing consumer pain points and reshaping the consumer shopping experience for good. Discover how these innovative technologies are integrating across makeup, hair, skincare, fashion, accessories and beyond,helping brands and retailers lean into the digital transformation. Plus,discover how an engaging, hyper-personalized shopping journey is driving ROI and forever changing the future of retail

9:30 AM
Kate Fannin,
Executive Director, Global Consumer Technology,

More Than Just Data: Unlocking Real-Time Consumer Insights.
Discussing the value of real-time consumer insights, which gobeyond mere data. By combining advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, andhuman intuition, to better understand consumer behaviour and preferences tocreate effective marketing strategies, enhance customer experiences, and stayahead in a competitive landscape.

9:50 AM
Jennifer Griffin Smith, CMO, Acquia 
John Berry, Digital Asset Librarian,
Mary Kay
Sylvan Guo, Co-Founder & COO, Hue

Building a Brand That Resonates: Fostering Inclusivity and Authenticity in the Beauty Industry.
Uncover how diverse representation fuels sales, loyalty, and customer engagement.Examine the role of digital tools and data analytics in understanding diverse audience needs.Avoiding Pitfalls: Challenges & Consistent Commitment Future Gazing: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities

10:25 AM


10:50 AM
Pascal Houdayer,
(bareMinerals, Laura Mercier, BUXOM)

How Generative AI Can Transform Beauty Industry
In this session we will discuss the pivotal role of generative AI in reshaping the beauty landscape, revolutionizing product development, personalization, and consumer engagement. By harnessing the power of AI-driven algorithms and data analytics, companies are forging a new frontier, unleashing a wave of creativity, and redefining the boundaries of what beauty can achieve.

11:10 AM
Nick Howard, Brand Strategist,
Eve Lab Insight

Customer Experience & Innovation
Trends in science and innovation in skincare.
Join renowned Brand Strategist, Nick Howard, from Eve Lab Insight, as he navigates the cutting-edge landscape of skincare trends, scientific breakthroughs, and innovative advancements. This session will explore the latest industry developments, scientific research, and emerging technologies that are reshaping the skincare market and offering new possibilities for effective and personalized skincare solutions.

11:30 AM
Kelly Kovack, Founder, BeautyMatter
Oliver Garfield, CEO, Cos Bar
Jeannie Jarnot
Founder and CEO,


The Retail Renaissance:
Reinventing Brick-and-Mortar for a Multi-Sensory Future
Insights into how brick-and-mortar retail can excel in a digital world. By leveraging data to create personalised experiences and value-adding services, businesses can remain relevant and drive revenue both online and offline. The role of physical stores in a digital age and how to enhance in-store experiences, streamline operations, and unlock new levels of customer engagement.


12:00 PM
Shany Caidar, CRO,

12:05 PM

Unleashing Potential: The Impact of Integrating On-Site Social Connections with Creatable


1:45 PM

Karen Ballou, Founder, Immunocologie
Delving deep into the world of skin microbiome and health

2:00 PM
Marissa Lepor, VP, The Sage Group
Emma Powell
, Founder, Rebel360
Adriana Cruz,
Khaos Collective
Grace Fodor,
    David Silbergleit,
Janelle Kim and
Craig Nandoo, JBK Wellness Labs

Power Hour: Business Hacking for Unrivalled Success
Introducing our new Power Hour: an unparalleled opportunity to access real live business hacking and expert sessions tailored to suit your professional needs. Our diverse industry specialists, each a master in their respective fields,will share their wealth of experience and knowledge, providing practical advice. Engage in interactive discussions, pose your most pressing questions, and discover valuable insights to elevate your strategies.
🎯Distribution / WarehousingDive into the intricate dynamics of distribution and warehousing, learning to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs in the supplychain.David Silbergleit, CEO, PIMS
🎯 Customer, Retention & Email Marketing Valuable insights on driving repeat purchases, fostering customer loyalty, and maximising LifeTime Value, while revealing the untapped potential in lost revenue.
EmmaPowell, Founder, Rebel360
🎯 Retailing on Amazon

Discover strategies to optimize your Amazon listings, navigate themarketplace's complex algorithms, and effectively scale your online retailbusiness.
Inv. Adriana Cruz, Khaos Collective 
🎯 Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing Unlock the power of data-driven advertising through performance marketing, maximising ROI, and effectively targeting your desired audience. Charlotte Courtney, Co-Founder and CEO, Develop Digital
🎯 DTC / Online

Selling Master the ins and outs ofdirect-to-consumer sales, fine-tuning your e-commerce strategies, and improving customer engagement across digital platforms.
Grace Fodor, Studio10
🎯 Brand Development
Unearth the secrets of successful brand development, learn to craft a compelling brand narrative, and create a distinct, memorable identity in a competitive marketplace.
Capital Funding
Navigate the complex landscape of fundraising and capital acquisition,understanding the nuances of various funding sources and strategies to successfully fuel your business growth. Marissa Lepor, VP, The Sage Group
Skincare development and ancient secrets in beauty and wellness
Navigating the intricacies of skincare development, harnessing New Product Development (NPD) strategies and leveraging comprehensive ingredient knowledge. Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder + Formulator, JBK Wellness Labs, and Craig Nandoo, Co-Founder + President, JBK Wellness Labs

3:00 PM

Afternoon Coffee Break

3:30 PM
Dr Shakiba Kaveh, founder, Mitra Bio

Unlocking the Potential: Epigenetic Biomarkers for Skin Disease Screening and Personalized Treatments
Exploring the latest data on utilizing epigenetics as a powerful screening tool for a range of skin diseases, from skin cancer to aging and photodamage.Discovering the potential of non-invasive skin sampling combined with next-generation sequencing and data science, revolutionizing at-home skin tests, eliminating the need for skin biopsies for diagnostic purposes.Insights into how these innovative approaches provide new biological insights, enabling personalized skin treatments tailored to individual needs and conditions.

3:50 PM
MelissaLi ,
Gen Z Strategist and Consumer VC

Community as Leverage: What It Takes to Build Culturally Unforgettable Beauty Brands for GenZ 
This session will discuss how beauty brands can break out in an increasingly competitive landscape and reach cult status among Gen Z consumers. We'll be exploring how brands can gain a foothold through nurturing values-driven customer communities digitally and IRL, facilitating peer-to-peer social interactions, and turningto product evangelists for crowdsourced R&D and viral distribution. Ask Melissa about membership-based community design for beauty brands and why NFTs are the next frontier here! 

4:10 PM
Marissa Lepor, Director & Head of Beauty and Personal Care, The Sage Group

Unlocking Your Potential:
When and How to Raise Capital, and What Do You Need To Know?

4:40 PM
Candice Lawton, Business Partnerships rePurpose Global

Breaking the Plastic Wave with Purposeful Brands

5:00 PM
Kevin Dooley
Director of Marketing,
Beauty Heroes®
Jamie McCroskery, CEO, Bluebird
Jessi Baker, Founder & CEO, Provenance
Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Beauty Heroes®

Sustainability, Ingredients, Climate TechInnovation in the Beauty Industry: Navigating Consumer Demands.
As we enter 2023, sustainability is a pressing issue for the beauty industry. Consumers are no longer content with merely purchasing products - they want to be part of the sustainability conversation and demand that brands make a meaningful difference. Explore how beauty brands can meet this challenge while staying true to their brand and staying profitable.


7:30 PM

Speakers Dinner

9:30 PM

AFTER PARTY at the Rooftop Edge Bar (at your own expense)

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Conference Day 2, September 20

8:00 AM

(Room 203-204)

9:00 AM

Opening remarks by Iryna Kremin and Irena Kojouharova

9:10 AM
Judges and Winners

Blue Beauty Winner's Interview
What it takes to be the winner?

9:30 AM
Mike Bryant, Sr. Sales Director, Jungle Scout

Empowering Success: Your Data-Driven Launch Strategy
Uncover the potential of data for a successful product launch. Learn how to leverage market share data, keyword trends, and more to shape your next venture. Discover the significance of market share and identify Month-over-Month (MoM) and Year-over-Year (YoY) trends to confidently invest in your launch. Gain insights from top Amazon category leaders and emerging trends. Elevate your strategy by harnessing the power of data.

9:50 AM
Robb Akridge, Founder and CEO, OPULUS Beauty Lab
Chris Hobson, President & CEO,
RARE Beauty Brands
Patricija Bajc is the Head of Marketing at Tosla Nutricosmetics
Facilitator: Richard Kestenbaum,  Partner, Triangle Capital

Embracing Evidence-Based Product Development: Proof not Promises in the Era of Holistic Beauty and Nutricosmetics Formulations and the new opportunities that this brings.

Explore how the industry is changing with breakthrough beauty products that are backed by data and research, where brands are expected to provide more than marketing claims and promises. Today, beauty brands are expected to provide proof of product efficacy, driving a shift towards evidence-based product development.

10:20 AM

10:50 AM
Stacy Paoa, Founder, Co-Founder,
Vaihea Skincare


“Cleanical” Skincare is The Future of Clean Beauty

11:00 AM

Carolyn Wheeler, CEO, Vella Bioscience
Alessandra Zonari, SCO, OneSkin;  
Facilitator: Jennifer Marlowe, Business Development Director, Capsum

Pushing Boundaries in Beauty: The Convergence of Biotech, Bioscience and Regenerative Cosmetics

Exploring the intersection of life sciences, nutraceuticals, and regenerative cosmetics, where advances in biotech are revolutionising the beauty and wellness industry.  By using new technologies, natural ingredients, and creative methods, creating better, customised beauty solutions for everyone.

11:30 AM
Facilitator: Jennifer Marlowe,
Carolyn Wheeler, CEO, Vella Bioscience
Alessandra Zonari, SCO, OneSkin

Pushing Boundaries in Beauty: The Convergence of Biotech, Bioscience and Regenerative Cosmetics

Exploring the intersection of life sciences, nutraceuticals, and regenerative cosmetics, where advances in biotech are revolutionising the beauty and wellness industry.  By using new technologies, natural ingredients, and creative methods, creating better, customised beauty solutions for everyone.

12:00 AM
Facilitator: Grace Fodor, Founder,
David Silbergleit, President, PIMS
Emma Powell, Founder and CEO, 
Adriana Cruz, Khaos Collective

Growth Hacks: Leveraging E-commerce Innovations for Scalability

Discover the latest trends and innovations to fuel revenue growth. Whether building an Amazon store to champion Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) models, implementing retention-driven growth strategies, or extending the brand experience beyond the mailbox.

12:30 PM

End of the summit

5:00 PM

Night Out In Austin

5 Senses of Austin program will be offered to all who stay extra night. Cost at your own expense

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