Supporting Partner

We redefine the supply chain model to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


PIMS is a full-service marketing support company focused primarily on delivering fulfillment, collateral management, and distribution solutions to product marketers, brand managers, and visual merchandisers. By offering storage, distribution capabilities, and customized assembly & fulfillment services, PIMS creates end-to-end solutions on a global scale.  

Our clients have 24/7, real-time visibility of their product catalog, order history, and shipment tracking through our proprietary online inventory management system. Our proven infrastructure, channels of resources, and industry experience gives our clients unmatched confidence to implement an array of campaigns including priority send-outs, social-media driven sampling programs, influencer outreach, gift-with-purchase premiums, and in-store visual merchandising displays.PIMS’ flexible services scale with the needs of our clients, ranging from individual item pack outs to multi-thousand piece send outs.  

Our account management team is dedicated, experienced, and extraordinarily detail oriented and our work reflects it.  We hone in, with razor-sharp precision, on the critical fulfillment deadlines and standards for customization and personalization our clients demand and rightfully deserve. PIMS clientele benefit from our exceptional ability to provide unparalleled service, whether for one-off requests or robust social media initiatives.  

PIMS Does it All…with Precision and Accuracy!At PIMS, we don’t stick to the norm, we reinvent it.⎷ Proprietary Online Client Portal⎷ Real-time Inventory Management⎷ Domestic and International Storage and Distribution Solutions⎷ Over 350,000 sq. ft of Global Warehouse Space⎷ Precision, Personalization & CustomizationContact Information:http://pimsinc.com